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Parkland Pre-K Center

An Ysleta Independent School District Campus

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      • Full Day Pre-K
        Parkland Pre-K Center offers Pre-K free to all students whose family qualifies under the guidelines. We are active as a Pre-STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) campus. Students and teachers collaborate with other campuses in the northeast feeder area to provide enriching experiences for all. Teachers and staff provide children with a safe learning environment that assists in the transition from home to school and Pre-K to Kindergarten.

        College Fair is led by students: They research a university and present to their peers.

        Author's Celebration and Gala: Students publish their books and engage in a book signing event to sell their books.

        Pre-K Leaders Academy is led by students.

        Lead by Example: Students are celebrated for exhibiting outstanding social skills.

        Parent Involvement
        Parkland Pre-K promotes parent involvement by offering opportunities to engage and learn with your child at school. Special events include Grandparent's Day, Literacy Night, Science Night, Father-Daughter Dance, Dances, Incredible Years, Winter Wonderland, Spring Extravaganza, and awards assemblies. Empowering Parents Celebrations.

        Emphasis on Pre-Reading 
        Phonological awareness, which develops during the preschool years, refers to the ability to recognize and manipulate the smaller units of sound within spoken words, such as syllables and phonemes. Parkland Pre-K teachers engage students in the development of these pre-reading skills in a supportive and encouraging environment. 

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